Cathy Cassidy

So, I interviewed Cathy Cassidy, one of the most popular children’s authors at the minute, yesterday. 

I found that she was a lovely woman, who has had a very interesting life, experiencing different careers, leading her to become a writer. It particularly interested me that she became a journalist for Jackie Magazine, as I am obviously quite interested in journalism myself.

If you haven’t already, I would advise you to go and check her out, as her books are great, as is she.


A fresh start

If you want to find everything I post, then take a look at this link instead of my wordpress blog – Here you’ll find many articles that I’ve written and hopefully you’ll enjoy them too!

The future.

I’m hoping to seriously pursue journalism in the future. So, this starts here. My new twitter account is @LHodgson97. I will soon be creating a new blog where you will be able to find all of my work, if you want to of course.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read any of my blog posts so far. I will continue them on but I am certainly going to concentrate on my more professional one too.

Busy, busy, busy.

I know that I haven’t posted as regularly as normal recently but that’s because my life has just been full of stress. Thankfully though, I have just done 4 exams – 2 maths and 2 English and I am free from any others, apart from Spanish, until December.

Everything happens so quick. I can’t believe that it’s halfway through November already. Just got to keep up and make the most of everything.

School Rules

I honestly believe that the majority of school rules are unnecessary.

For instance, at my school we now have to tuck our shirts in at all times, never wear a coat indoors and wear knee length skirts. It’s just not really practical to be honest. When it’s cold, of course we are going to wear our outdoor coats and jackets as we enter the building. But now, we have to take them off. What’s the point in that? And I’m sorry, this might sound a bit rude, but I wouldn’t want to wear a knee length skirt because it would make me feel as though I am 10 again. I do understand that some girls may wear inappropriately length skirts, but why make us all wear stupidly long ones just because of that?

Also, one of the even stupider rules is no nail polish. Now, how did this even become a rule? Since when was wearing nail varnish any kind of problem? I don’t see what the issue could possibly be with it, apart from it not looking ‘smart’. It has no negative impact on anyone throughout the day, and it actually takes up more time taking it off during school.

I think that teachers and people working in education just need to realise that we have to have some way of expressing ourselves, because without that we are just going to feel uncomfortable. I know from past experience, if I feel uncomfortable wearing something, I won’t enjoy myself as much. So if I’m feeling unhappy in school, I’m hardly going to work as well as if I was feeling more comfortable.

I’m not even asking to wear non-uniform, just to relax the rules a little.


I am naturally a really flirtatious person – I can’t help it, it’s just part of my personality. So, usually people seem to get the wrong end of the stick and think that I’m flirting with them intentionally, when in reality I don’t even realise I’m doing it.

I often get told that I’m flirting with people and I honestly have no idea that I do. I have even been told before that I flirted with someone who was about 50 years old (honestly), and a teacher at a college I was thinking of going to. So yeah, like I said, it is definitely unintentional.

However, I think there is always a point when you are aware of who you are flirting with. For instance, although I may not realise in person, I am always really aware online or by text. If someone tries to flirt with me, I will just tell them I’m not interested or ignore them because, well, I’m not up for intentionally leading someone on, especially in my current situation.

Although, when I am close to someone I will flirt all the time, deliberately, because I do actually really enjoy it..who doesn’t?

The Green Eyed Monster

Jealousy has always been a bit of an issue for me if I’m completely honest about it. The majority of the time I don’t feel jealous about someone having better possessions than me or anything like that, it tends to be if I feel as though someone is better than me, or that someone is getting more attention than I would have expected.

I think it’s impossible for someone to have never felt jealousy before, because it’s just a natural trait for humans to have.

I think the only real way to conquer jealousy is to gain trust. So, if you’re in a relationship and you feel as though someone is getting a bit close for comfort, you could always ask your boyfriend/girlfriend and share your concerns. For the majority of the time, your doubts will be just that, so don’t worry. Once you’ve spoken about it, you will probably feel better and then all you have to do is slowly learn to gain trust in that person.

Believe me, once you trust them, everything will get better. Jealousy will rarely make an appearance.